• Southern Illinois Heat and Your Locks

    You may already be aware of the humidity and the heat during the summer in Southern Illinois. However, are you aware of what the heat can do to your locks? Nothing is protected under the hot sun and it can make a huge difference in your security to know the effects. Your local locksmith in Carbondale can assist you in the steps to take to protect your locks and your keys during the heat. Here are a few ways heat can damage your locks and how to keep them protected. How can heat damage your locks? Heat can cause the inner workings of the lock on your home, car and other places to warp or not work properly. When a key is inserted into the Read More
  • So, You’ve Lost Your Car Keys... Again?

    Your personal vehicle is likely the most expensive tool you own and/or operate on a daily basis. Most of us have experienced that stomach-twisting feeling of digging around frantically in our pockets or purses for keys that have just “vanished”. If this happens to you, don't panic. The Murdale True Value Lockshop is equipped to replace car and motorcycle keys for most vehicles on the road today. In fact, Murdale True Value Lockshop stocks more keys for more automobiles and motorcycles than any other lock and key dealer in Southern Illinois. Here are some tips you can use to avoid losing your car keys. Dedicate a hook or dish in your home specifically for keeping your keys - and use it. Attach a large keychain, such Read More
  • Murdale True Value, 2016 Carbondale Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year!

    Read More
  • Sometimes, Unavoidable Delays Happen

    In the business of installing, repairing, and changing locks, we see a lot of variety in hardware. New hardware designs come out every year – and unlike computers or other gadgets, most people don’t see the need to update their locks. This means there are tens of thousands of possible keys, locks, nuts, bolts, screws and springs in use out there! That makes it impossible for any one lockshop to stock every conceivable part its locksmiths might need. And even if the lockshop has an extensive stock in the back - a typical lockmith’s vehicle has a finite amount of space in which to cram multiple machines, tools and parts. Murdale True Value is Southern Illinois’s only true “full service” Iockshop – meaning we have more than enough Read More
  • DIY Locksmithing? Don't Try This One At Home

    We have all seen videos of locks being opened, cars being started, bicycle chains being unlocked and other fascinating DIY locksmith techniques. These videos make it seem so easy! But the reality is far from that simple. There are reasons that Locksmithing has been a skilled trade for thousands of years, going back to ancient Egypt. Those reasons are SKILL and KNOWLEDGE. Locksmithing is not easy. It can be a demanding profession. It is one of those disciplines that showcases how much more you have to learn with every new task. You might be shaking your head as you read this, because you've seen a locksmith do his thing in under five minutes. It's true that with time, most locksmithing tasks can be accomplished quickly Read More
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