We have all seen videos of locks being opened, cars being started, bicycle chains being unlocked and other fascinating DIY locksmith techniques. These videos make it seem so easy!  But the reality is far from that simple.

There are reasons that Locksmithing has been a skilled trade for thousands of years, going back to ancient Egypt.  Those reasons are SKILL and KNOWLEDGE.  Locksmithing is not easy.  It can be a demanding profession. It is one of those disciplines that showcases how much more you have to learn with every new task.

You might be shaking your head as you read this, because you’ve seen a locksmith do his thing in under five minutes.  It’s true that with time, most locksmithing tasks can be accomplished quickly and with apparent ease by a trained professional.  You might be inspired by their prowess and be tempted to try a DIY lock job on your own.  But you will realize it is not that simple when that tiny spring breaks and falls out of the lock, or you complete the repair and have “extra” parts.  This is where the knowledge gained over time becomes a factor.

A web video can show you a method – although these methods are usually false.  However, a viral video cannot show you WHY you are doing something, or HOW to correct a new problem, when it comes to DIY locksmithing.  Like any trained professional, you should trust your locksmith and his skills.  After all, professional locksmiths have been trusted by pharaohs, kings and other legendary figures throughout history!