In the business of installing, repairing, and changing locks, we see a lot of variety in hardware.  New hardware designs come out every year – and unlike computers or other gadgets, most people don’t see the need to update their locks.  This means there are tens of thousands of possible keys, locks, nuts, bolts, screws and springs in use out there!  That makes it impossible for any one lockshop to stock every conceivable part its locksmiths might need.  And even if the lockshop has an extensive stock in the back – a typical lockmith’s vehicle has a finite amount of space in which to cram multiple machines, tools and parts.

Murdale True Value is Southern Illinois’s only true “full service” Iockshop – meaning we have more than enough to fill the needs of most service appointments. But even with all that storage space for parts and merchandise, there are times when we must order goods from a third party supplier to fulfill a client’s needs.  In our goal to assist every customer’s needs, we have partnered with the industry’s leading suppliers and wholesalers, most of which have access to expedited shipping to cut down on customer wait times. However, there are occasions when even these suppliers do not have the given part(s) needed!

Even if your hardware requires obscure parts or tools, we have access to specialty parts suppliers.  It just means there will be a delay between when you call our lockshop and when your locks are serviced.  If you know your locks are many years old – and if they are acting funny or there has been an incident which has made you consider replacing them – we encourage you to have them looked at BEFORE there is an emergency, so that you can choose either to install new locks or have obscure parts ordered and the locks serviced in advance of when you really need them.