wood door and locksmith maintain silver knob

You may already be aware of the humidity and the heat during the summer in Southern Illinois. However, are you aware of what the heat can do to your locks? Nothing is protected under the hot sun and it can make a huge difference in your security to know the effects.

Your local locksmith in Carbondale can assist you in the steps to take to protect your locks and your keys during the heat. Here are a few ways heat can damage your locks and how to keep them protected.

How can heat damage your locks?

Heat can cause the inner workings of the lock on your home, car and other places to warp or not work properly. When a key is inserted into the lock, the mechanism will either extend or retract if unlocked or locked. With the heat, this can damage the mechanism, causing you to have difficulty locking your door. It may even cause the mechanism to warp so much that it is unable to be unlocked, depending on the severity of the heat.

Wooden doors can warp in the summer heat, causing your lock to be placed under pressure. This can cause your lock to become ineffective.

The heat can also damage your keys. When a key is used often and exposed to the heat, it can become worn and warped. Too much wear and it may not fit inside of your lock any longer.

The Solution

To protect your locks and keys, keep them protected and out of the sun if possible. If not, install high quality products made using strong materials. Apply sealants to your wooden doors to protect them from the sun. You should have your locks inspected to ensure they are in great working order.

Your Southern Illinois locksmith in Carbondale can inspect your locks and give you tips on how to conquer the summer heat. Give us a call and see what we can do for you.